Step Oil Company Ltd (UK), Arys Munay LLD (daughter company of Step oil), and UST Resources (100 % owned by Step Oil) are working together to create and optimize oil and gas backed assets, by developing secured partnerships.


Today Step Oil has unlocked all the doors leading to the exploitation of exceptional oil and gas fields with proven resources and is now ready to provide investors the opportunity to be part of the development.


Founded in 2016 as an oil production company, we have grown and completed profitable transactions with local partnerships to secure the conditions surrounding the exploitation of three main oil fields located in Kazakhstan. Three years of close and exclusive negotiations have been necessary to achieve an exclusive pre-transaction ownership of three of the most profitable and valuable Kazakhstan oilfields. 


Signed agreements and geological surveys which secure the conditions leading to a valuable investment backed by 157 MMbbl (157 million of barrels) of oil valued, as of September 26, 2019 at 9.17 Billion USD$. 


Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO

STEP OIL Company Ltd,


 Andrey Ozernov , CEO , Step Oil Ltd.


Graduated Kazakh Technical University, specialization in systems engineering.


 International investor and businessman. Works with government - and privately held companies around the globe. Andrey’s past experience, professional skills in negotiating, and the realization of new projects of any scope is highly qualified.


He managed and successfully realized numerous infrastructure projects in Kazakhstan with a total volume of more than US$ 500 Million (i.e Atyrau oil refinery modernization project / EPC Turnkey Contract in the value of US$ 235 Million), including feasibility study, engineering, procurement and construction.   

Denis KIM

Chief Financial Officer,

STEP OIL Company Ltd 


Denis Kim , CEO, Arys Munay & UST Resources


Graduated Kazakh State University, specialization in mechanics and applied mathematics.


Denis is an experienced specialist in oil field development, oil and oil products, trading, and logistics. His experience in the oil industry exceeds 25 years.


After several years as CFO of Atyrau oil refinery (daughter company of National oil & gas company KazMunayGas); and as well as chairman of the board of directors, of Kazakh-British JV “Trans Service” (Atyrau), Denis moved into the private sector of oil industry in Kazakhstan.


As CEO of oil company “Turan Barlau” (oilfield exploration) and Chairman of the board of directors of oil company “Kok Mai” (oilfield  exploration), he managed exploration of a total of seven oilfields in Kazakhstan. Thereafter,he became a member of the board and crisis manager of JSC "Chimkent Bulk Plant Petroleum Depot". Since 2013 - independent entrepreneur and investor of various Kazakh companies. Currently leads the teams of both Arys Munay and UST Resources.